We use your treats to train everything! From nice walking to tricks for fun to grooming like nails! They are perfect because they are high value, diff flavors and easy to break I to small pieces.

— K.T. Sora

Benny's Bullies are our favourite training treat for everything we do! Benny's bullies are our faveourite high reward treat!

— Thunder Ridge BC's

I taught our boy to sit and look cute using Benny's treats.. Worked pretty good I'd say.

— Shawn D.


Bauer is a 7 year old cockapoo who only likes Bb’s for treats. He will spit out anything else.Bauer is a super fast runner and a very good swimmer!

— Lisa M.


This is Ziggy, she's a rescue from Arkansas now living in CanadaShe is a huge fan of Benny Bully's

— Stephanie G.


Barnelby was so excited to get a treat he climbed on top of the controller. Barnelby is a 4 year old Wheaten Terrier and my son’s emotional support dog. He is for sure my third baby

— Jeannette B.


Oakley is a 10 month old toy poodle from Northern Ontario. He's on his 2nd ever bag of Benny Bully's Pet Treats and he loves them!

— Caroline M.


This is Cheech our 4 year old Pug . Benny bully treats are his ABSOLUTE favorite. He will sniff them out of anywhere... In your pocket-yep, on the dresser - yep, you touch the bag- you guessed it, yep. Any flavor, all the flavours.

— Vanessa G.


Solstice 6yr BMD & Alaska 2yr GP these mountain dogs love their snacks!

— Michelle B.


Here's Duke, he's a rescue from Northern Ontario. Big goof and full of love. Benny Bully's Pet Treats are a favorite of his. Duke loves lots of winter walks and finding snowbanks to climb or drifts to dive in!

— Derek S.


My dog Sushi will not eat anything else! She was trained on these and she is 13 years old and still eating them . I think I have shares in the company by now . Lol

— Lynn B.


Molly will do anything for a Benny Bully! Every morning right before I leave for work I take Molly out for one last pee break! I have to have the bag of Benny Bully’s with me. I know she will quick go and run inside for her reward!

— Erin F.


Toffee loves Benny Bully’s treats for training for Obedience. I’ve been using Benny Bully’s treats for 7+ years for training my dogs.

— Carly M.


Ovie is 5 years old and has been loving Benny Bully treats since he was a puppy! Training is so much easier when we have those on hand and so is posing for birthday photos!

— Shannon L.


The treats are a vital component for training our Little Schnauzer (Ted) , and have greatly assisted his training regimen

— Dave J.


We use Benny Bullys for all our training! Zelda has done puppy class, 3 obidience classes, and 2 urban experience classes all using Benny's as the reward! Our new Urban classes start this Thursday so it's time to stalk up again!

— Courtney A.


Molly is almost 13 years old. She's got reduced sight and mobility now. But you bust these treats out and she comes running to do her tricks like she's a puppy again!

— Whendy H.


We have used Benny Bully’s for training since the get go! Kali does speak, sit, lie down, all the way down, roll over, high five, and dance for her favourite treat… sometimes she gets too excited and does them all at once trying to get to the treat faster!

— Sarah B.


Mango is our rescue from Dominican Republic (thanks to the help of the wonderful organization DCDR). We began agility this year, and Benny Bully’s treats are the only thing that will keep her on course! We are hoping to do scent training this winter as our next activity - of course using her favourite treats!

— Melissa J.


When I took riley to puppy training the trainer introduced me to these and riley loved them I used them for when I train him go pee and also do tricks he obsessed with them so every time I take them out he does trick even when I don't say anything.

— Rachel S.


Benny Bully’s are the only treats Rosie gets. She has a sensitive stomach. They are the only ones that don’t bother her stomach. Her vet introduced them to us, and we have only use them since she was a 6 months old. Rosie love the coconut and apple flavours the best!

— Toni P.


When we had our dog in training we brought along a random type of treat. Our trainer had Benny Bullies. All was going well, our Springer was learning fast. Then our trainer used him to demonstrate something to the class, she rewarded him with her Benny bullies. After that he would not accept our treats. He would do the command and look to our trainer for the reward. We had to go out that night and purchase Benny bullies. This was 11 years ago and our boy has since passed over the rainbow bridge, but we took his lesson to heart and trained our new puppies with Benny Bullies. This is our Guinness, he loved his Benny Bullies.

— Karen N.


Best dog treats ever! I use this for my in home daycare / home boarding ..my dogs will do anything for them and these are great for photo taking and when I have dogs with separation anxiety that won’t eat their food . I just sprinkle this over their food with water and it always works …the only treats I use in my house …all my photos are taken with Benny bullys including this photo of Ralph the Boston Terrier lol

— Elizabeth M.