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    LiverMix™ Crumbs & Powder™

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    Product description

    Benny Bullys® LiverMix Crumbs and Powder is a high-quality pet food topper made with 100% pure beef liver that is pre-crumbled for convenience. This product can be used as a topper, just 1 or 2 scoops well with your pet's food to enhance their appetite and entice them to eat at mealtime. Benny Bully's Crumbs and Powder is compatible with a raw diet and is available in two convenient sizes.

    With its superior quality and taste, Benny Bully's Crumbs and Powder is the perfect addition to your pet's mealtime routine. It is great for multiple-pet households. Try it today for a happy and healthy pet.

    Additional features

    Freeze Dried
    USDA & CFIA Inspected
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    LiverMix™ Crumbs & Powder™

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